Guru Das Srinagesh

Nand2Tetris - Projects 1 to 3

13 Apr 2024

Nand2Tetris is a very interesting "learning by doing" free and open-source course that enables one to learn how a computer is designed from the ground up, and also how it is programmed from the very lowest of levels. It is a fantastic course offered in two parts (first building the hardware for the computer, and then the software) and is ... → Continue reading

Fun with git rebase --interactive

02 Dec 2023

This is the second in a series of blog posts related to some powerful features of git I've used over the years. Previously, I wrote about git rebase --onto which you can read here.

git offers many powerful features, and one such feature I have used extensively in kernel development is git rebase --interactive. Here is what the man page ... → Continue reading

How I used git rebase --onto

09 Nov 2023

On one of my daily trawlings of Hacker News, I came across Julia Evans' blogpost on confusing git terminology that lists git rebase --onto as one such confusing command. I had never used this --onto flag before and her description didn't really help me visualize the problem or the solution.

I shrugged and let it go, not thinking much of ... → Continue reading

Learning Go

19 Sep 2023

I recently had to learn Go. I was on a tight timeline of just about 4 or 5 days. I am familiar with learning Rust, and Rust by Example, so I found Go by Example. I found the format wanting for the absolute beginner level I was at, so I found the absolutely beautiful A Tour of Go instead. It ... → Continue reading

Configuring the Visual Studio Code vim extension

01 Sep 2023

I just installed Visual Studio Code (VS Code) on my Arch Linux machine, and one of the first things I did was to install the vim extension.

I love vim and so I needed its keybindings in VS Code. But it was missing a couple of features I wanted, so I enabled them.

The shortcut to summon the Settings page ... → Continue reading

Script to add maintainers to a Linux kernel patch

16 Aug 2023

I worked on adding a new script to improve the workflow of developers contributing patches to the Linux kernel. Here it is:

[PATCH v2 0/1] Add script - Guru Das Srinagesh

Its fate is yet to be decided - it's only at v2 now, and looks like there is already a mature tool named b4 that ... → Continue reading

How I generate

07 Jun 2023

I've always wanted my own website. Like, forever. Not Wordpress-like, but my own, written from scratch. I figured out that this meant that I would have to use a static site generator. This post is all about how I bought my first domain, chose a hosting provider, set up DNS correctly, generated my website's content, and set up auto-deploy ... → Continue reading