Guru Das Srinagesh


This is a /now page.

This is what a portion of my About Me page used to say about what I'm up to now:

I'm currently working on improving my scripting skills in Python and Bash. I'm also learning Go and Rust.

Last Updated: Mon Nov 6 10:45:37 PM PST 2023

🏠 I'm still living in San Diego, but hoping to move to the Bay Area soon to start a new life with my wife, who has planted her flag there first.

⚡ I'm experiencing an awakening of sorts and realizing I've been on autopilot for many years - both at work as well as in life. I intend to make some changes to align myself more with my true feelings and stop living in fear so much.

🤖 I'm very proud of this website and am delighted to continue working on it and adding new features to it. Most of all, I'm excited about writing more blog posts.

💻 I'm looking for interesting people to follow on LinkedIn. I recently connected with a Common Lisp programmer who thinks it is the best programming language in the world.

🏋🏾 My longest gym streak was one month this year.