Guru Das Srinagesh


This is a /now page.

This is what a portion of my About Me page used to say about what I'm up to now:

I'm currently working on improving my scripting skills in Python and Bash. I'm also learning Go and Rust.

Last Updated: 2024-03-10T21:39:39-07:00

⚒️ I'm working on solving the projects from the first part of the wonderful NAND2Tetris course. So far I've solved the tasks in Projects 1 and 2 up until the building the ALU.

⚒️ Even though I started working on last year's (2023) Advent of Code (AoC), I couldn't find the motivation to continue working on it beyond Problem-Day 6 in Jan 2024. I'm hoping that one of the capstone projects in NAND2Tetris (to write an assembler) inspires me to restart AoC - I intend to use Rust to create my assembler.

📖 I have begun reading Frank Herbert's Dune series on my wife's Kindle. I watched Denis Villeneuve's movie adaptation (both parts as of Mar 2024) and loved the world-building and the shadowy, powerful figures depicted in the lore. It's been a long time since I felt like reading anything, so I'm really excited to rekindle a hobby that shaped me greatly during my childhood years.

⚡ I'm experiencing an awakening of sorts and realizing I've been on autopilot for many years - both at work as well as in life. I am working on making some changes to align myself more with my true feelings and stop living in fear so much.

🤖 Website stuff: Added a /til page and published my first TIL. Added Facebook OpenGraph tags to all my blog posts and pages and they look so good now! Currently working on a post on the Eudyptula Challenge.

🫂 I'm being more intentional about staying in touch with friends, mostly old ones. It really helps that one of them works right across the road from me - meeting him for lunch randomly really warms my heart.

🦉 The green bird nags me into completing a lesson daily. Progress is slow, and the lessons could be better structured, but I have been learning Latin for (checks app) 64 days now.

🏋🏾 Still working on developing a daily routine involving some physical exercise, meals at the "proper" times, and adequate sleep at the end of the day.